Metabond, which holds a significant market position in the production and distribution of lubricant additives in Hungary and neighboring countries, is also joining the organization of the WHB Győr Rally, a round of the HUMDA National Rally Championship. The Győr-based company is well known in rallying, and the brand has been supporting drivers and teams for 25 years.

A new prestigious partner joins the WHB Győr Rally, which will take place between 8-10 September 2023: the Hungarian-owned Metabond Magyarország Kft. is a leading company in the field of lubricant additives production and distribution in Hungary and the surrounding countries.

The Metabond brand became known as the name sponsor of the rally championships from 1996-1999. Since then, the Metabond sticker has appeared on numerous rally cars, proudly embraced by owners and drivers alike. By using this excellent product, they ensured the reliability and performance of their race cars.

Over the past 25 years, Metabond has been actively involved in the world of rallying, primarily through supporting and sponsoring drivers rather than directly participating in races.

“It was a great pleasure for us when we heard the news that this year, after more than three decades, the national championship will be held in Győr again. Our love for the home track and rally made it clear that we would like to support this fantastic sport with all our heart and soul, and after many years we would like to sponsor the Győr Rally as a first class event again” – said János Linczmayer, Managing Director of Metabond Magyarország Kft.

“Győr is not just our site, it’s our home.  The Metabond team is made up of local colleagues, almost all of whom are native residents of Győr, who care about the city, and that’s why we Metabond employees want to contribute to Győr’s success. Our cooperation is not only planned for this year, we would like to be more and more involved in the Győr Rally in the future: the engine of a brand that is known in the rally world beats the heart of the city, and we would like to ensure that this engine is properly lubricated!” – he added.

The WHB Győr Rally, which will take place in less than three months, is already attracting great interest from the public, the competitors, the partners, including HUMDA Hungarian Mobility Development Agency, the City of Győr and Széchenyi István University, as well as from the business sector.

Ongoing developments

Metabond keeps pace with the dynamic advancements in the lubricant industry. Through their developments, which involve renowned experts and accredited laboratories, their products have gained international recognition. These products contribute to long-term reduction of frictional wear, operational noise, as well as improvements in fuel consumption and emissions for engines and powertrains.

The brand’s first self-developed product, Metabond ECO, was introduced in 2012, and the rest of their product range also focuses on reducing energy consumption, maintenance needs, and minimizing environmental impact. These products contribute to increasing the lifespan of equipment and help alleviate wastefulness dictated by consumer society. Additionally, and this is also significant in the world of rallying, the use of Metabond products can lead to performance enhancements.

A successful brand at home and abroad

Metabond Hungary Ltd., with over 30 years of history, has maintained a consistent ownership structure as a family-owned Hungarian company. In the early 1990s, the main focus of the business became the import and distribution of the German Metabond product line in Hungary.

In the 2000s, a motor oil packaging plant and warehouse were established in Kisbajcs, marking the beginning of the distribution of Metabond motor oils alongside their specialized lubricants. The year 2008 was a turning point for the company as the Metabond brand name became 100% owned by the Hungarian company. At the same time the development and production of the new generation of Metabond products was started at the company’s own site, based on individual formulations, according to the needs of the time.

The brand, operating with its headquarters in Győr, is currently present in numerous countries outside of Hungary, including Romania, Slovakia, England, the Czech Republic, Italy, Slovenia, Serbia, the United States, and Thailand.