AK Construction, which has been operating for more than two decades, has joined the sponsors of the WHB Győr Rally, which will take place between 8-10 September 2023. The competition has generated significant interest among both the audience and representatives of the business sector.

After a three decade hiatus, rallying returns to Győr with the WHB Győr Rally. The event, which will take place from 8-10 September, is attracting great interest from the public and businesses alike, with prominent representatives from various industries joining the sponsors of the event.

AK Construction has also decided to support the WHB Győr Rally, which has been planning and executing significant construction projects for over two decades. The company A-K Épitőipari Kft was founded by managing directors Károly Tallosi and Antal Horváth.

The engineering duo is familiar with significant industrial investments not only from the perspective of commissioned designers and contractors. Prior to the over two decades of history of AK Construction, they were responsible for these assignments from the client’s side within the corporate segment, starting from 1985.

The company provides services in general construction, technological construction, design, road and utility construction, renovations, electrical contracting, and building engineering. Among the projects are several industrial halls in Győr, including the construction of a logistics park for Audi, the Olympic Sports Park multifunctional sports complex, the execution of Text Print Printing House, the establishment of two warehouse buildings for DANA Hungary Ltd., and tasks related to the realization of three sites for Rudolph Automotive Logistics Ltd. Additionally, the company has also been involved in various investments worldwide.

“We welcome AK Construction as a sponsor of the WHB Győr Rally”, said Tamás Őry, Managing Director of TRP Hungary. – We are delighted to be working with a company that contributes to the economic life of the region with high quality and sustainable buildings. We are confident that with our event we can also contribute to creating new business opportunities for our partners in Győr, including AK Construction, in addition to providing a memorable experience.”

Further information about the WHB Győr Rally preparations and public information about the event will be provided by the organisers in the local media, on Gyorrally.hu and Rallycafe.hu.