WHB Győr Rally timetable

Friday, 08 September 2023 

Start Ceremony 19:10 18:10 17:10

Saturday, 09 September

Service Parc (15 minutes) 7:13 9:38
Csesznek / 1 8:43 10:56
Olaszfalu-Tés / 1 9:16 11:29
Tímárpuszta-Nagyveleg / 1 9:59 12:12
Service Parc (30 minutes) 11:54 14:07
Csesznek / 2 13:27 15:40
Olaszfalu-Tés / 2 14:00 16:13
Tímárpuszta-Nagyveleg / 2 14:43 16:56
Service Parc (45 minutes) 16:08
ORB3 Prize Giving Ceremony 18:11

Sunday, 10 September 2023

Service Parc (15 minutes) 8:40 10:48
Tényő-Ravazd / 1 9:33 11:41
Rábaring / 1 10:16 12:24
Győr City Stage 11:14 13:22
Service Parc (60 minutes) 12:09 14:17
Tényő-Ravazd / 2 13:47 15:55
Rábaring / 2 – Power Stage 14:30 16:38
Prize Giving Ceremony 15:10 17:18
WHB Győr Rally Showtime and Junior drivers

During the WHB Győr Rally, the fans will be able to watch the Showtime and the Junior drivers’ demonstration run before and after the Győr City Stage, which is expected to take place on 10 September 2023 between 11:14 AM and 3:45 PM.

Showtime is a special feature in the schedule of WHB Győr Rally, during which participants will have the opportunity to complete the Győr City Stage before and after the field.

The aim of this programme element is to allow cars and their drivers who are not participating in the event to add a special experience to the show.

Planned schedule

Juniors AM 09:44 AM – 09:59 AM
Showtime AM 09:59 AM – 10:29 AM
Showtime PM 3:45 PM – 4:15 PM
Juniors PM 4:15 PM – 4:30 PM


WHB Győr Rally support events on the 10th of September 2023

Hédervári út & P5 parking lot

Széchenyi István University 

  • Vehicle Industry Research Centre
  • Digital Development Centre
  • Arrabona Racing Team
  • SZEngine
  • SZEnergy
  • SZEnavis
  • Karting

Széchenyi Motorsport

  • SZESE Karting
  • BikeBálint
  • Quatic

WHB Family Spectator area

Metabond terrace VIP – P1 parking

  • Győri Automobil és Motor Club oldtimer car exhibition

Dunakapu tér

  • DRX Sport sports car exhibition
  • Hungarian Police Rallye Team & HUMDA Road Safety children road safety park

The attendance is free of charge. We reserve the right to change the timings and locations of the programs.  

Saturday special stages

WHB Győr Rally 2023 - Csesznek gyorsasági


Length: 10,05 km
Expected road closure: 5:45
SS1 – 1st car start: 8:43
SS4 – 1st car start: 13:27

Stage description

After 30 years, the stage located near Csesznek Castle returns to the rally. The high-quality, wide two-lane road begins with a serpentine section, transitioning to more technical stretches with faster turns towards the end. Spectators in Csesznek can access the stage by approaching from the village and reaching the section through a staircase near the underpass. Another option is the asphalt road starting from Csesznek, which reaches the stage before the Gézaház junction. The section before the junction is more technical, followed by faster turns.

Spectator areas
Ticket price: HUF 3.000
Ticket point (Start) 47.365290, 17.874835
Tickets and spectator area: 47.354012, 17.873784
Ticket point (Stage): 47.33892, 17.8862


WHB Győr Rally 2023 - Olaszfalu-Tés gyorsasági


Length: 11,70 km
Expected road closure: 6:15
SS2 – 1st car start: 9:16
SS5 – 1st car start: 14:00

Stage description

In the early 2000s, this section was known as a challenging stage for those who competed on it over twenty years ago. Two years ago, the road was re-asphalted, making this section now of high quality throughout its length. After the fast first part, the road goes through the forest from Alsóperét onwards, where teams should expect bumps and tougher sections. After the Bakonynána right turn, sharper turns follow, and then the road smoothens out and the pace increases. This is followed by another technical section before the end of the track, which is closed off with additional chicanes. Most spectator points are located near Nagyveleg, and the other parts are off-limits to viewers. Please do not attempt to enter these restricted areas.

Spectator areas
Tickets: HUF 3.000
Ticket point (Start): 47.240697, 17.914336
Spectator area 1: 47.24437, 17.92854
Spectator area 2: 47.27056, 17.97066
Tickets at Spectator area 2 47.27609, 17.97298
Spectator area 3 47.255814, 18.023286
Tickets at Spectator area 3 47.2564, 18.02703
WHB Győr Rally 2023 - Nagyveleg gyorsasági


Length: 9,40 km
Expected road closure: 7:00
SS3 – 1st car start: 9:59
SS6 – 1st car start: 14:43

Stage description

A classic rally section known from the Székesfehérvár Rally and the Vértes Rally. The narrow single-lane road starts fast, but as you approach the village of Nagyveleg, you encounter more technical corners. The grip on the white asphalt dramatically decreases in the rain, so teams need to be cautious. After Nagyveleg, the road widens, and the asphalt is relatively new, with smoother turns, allowing for a faster pace. Most spectator points are in Nagyveleg, and these cannot be accessed during the race. Therefore, this section is suitable for those fans who want to watch the entire field.

Spectator areas
Tickets HUF 3.000
Tickets (Start): 47.322251, 18.122441
Spectator Area 1 47.353431, 18.103074
Spectator Area 2 47.354330, 18.108368
Spectator Area 3 47.36076, 18.10912
Spectator Area 4 47.355398, 18.152444

Entrance to the Special Stages is possible with a one-off, HUF 3.000 ticket purchased on site. Entry is free for children aged 0-12 years. The Győr City Stage and the Service Park are free of charge.

Sunday special stages

WHB Győr Rally 2023 - Tényő-Ravazd gyorsasági


Length: 14,50 km
Expected road closure:: 6:30
SS7 – 1st car start: 9:33
SS10 – 1st car start: 13:47

Stage description

This route on a narrow forest road has not hosted any significant rally events in the past twenty years. It features challenging sections with sharp corners and risky turns, especially in the first part where you can expect bumps. Most spectator points are accessible on foot, with the exception of the Sokoró junction, which can be reached by car during the race. The rest of the stage is closed off to spectators.

Spectator areas
Tickets HUF 3.000
Tickets (Start) 47.554540, 17.649382
Spectator area 47.49482, 17.71362
Tickets at the Spectator Area 47.492753, 17.715726
VIP & Media parking 47.506516, 17.747116
Tickets (Finish) 47.510079, 17.751379
WHB Győr Rally 2023 - Rábaring gyorsasági


Length: 20,40 km
Expected road closure: 7:15
SS8 – 1st car start: 10:16
SS11 Power Stage – 1st car start: 14:30

Stage description

This is the most convenient stage for spectators, with several parking lots and cafes. The inner areas are accessible only before the race, while the outer areas are free to roam. Spectators can see the racers multiple times during the circuit, and jumps, the iconic tilted turn, and varied road surfaces guarantee an exciting experience. From a competitor’s perspective, it’s good news that the rough sections that put extreme strain on tires are not part of the race or test route, so there’s no need to worry about tire wear.

Spectator areas
Tickets HUF 3.000
Services buffet, toilets
Ticket 47.55811, 17.7004
Parking 1 47.54186, 17.69974
VIP & Media parking 47.54232, 17.69909
Parking 2 47.543125, 17.699307
Parking 3 47.54347, 17.69782
Parking 4 47.54056, 17.69925
Spectator Area 1 47.544863, 17.697289
Spectator Area 2 47.54207, 17.69691
Spectator Area 3 47.538264, 17.697749
Spectator Area 4 47.534119, 17.700055
Spectator Area 5 47.542302, 17.698397
Spectator Area 6 47.53582, 17.70265
Spectator Area 7 47.54025, 17.69979
Spectator Area 8 47.53184, 17.70257
Spectator Area 9 47.53732, 17.70282
WHB Győr Rally 2023 - Belvárosi gyorsasági lezárásokkal

Győr City Stage

Length: 5,05 km
Expected road closure: 7:00
Showtime: soon
SS9 – 1st car start:

Stage description

Compared to previous downtown stages, this one is not just for spectators; the fast sections, exciting corners, and roundabouts make it enjoyable for racers as well. The view from the race cars is unique, and the city center of Győr, the promenade, and the bridge, along with the numerous spectators, make this section one of the highlights of the WHB Győr Rally. Safe spectator areas, areas equipped with playgrounds for families, and numerous additional activities make the rally appealing to those new to the sport as well. The section is easily accessible, and the service park is nearby.

Spectator areas
Tickets Free of charge
Services buffet, toilets
University Spectator area 47.69249, 17.62786
Spectator Area 2 47.69332, 17.62557
WHB Family Spectator area 47.69476, 17.62486
Spectator Area 4 47.69461, 17.63028
Metabond Spectator Area 47.69439, 17.62952
University exhibition 47.69341, 17.62906
Dunakapu Square Spectator area 47.690465, 17.633857
Walkway 47.69269, 17.62765
WHB terrace VIP 47.69528, 17.62565
WHB terrace VIP parking 47.695926, 17.625972
Metabond terrace VIP & oldtimer car exhibition  47.69246, 17.62698
Metabond terrace VIP parking
Service Park 47.69492, 17.66124

Entrance to the Special Stages is possible with a one-off, HUF 3.000 ticket purchased on site. Entry is free for children aged 0-12 years. The Győr City Stage and the Service Park are free of charge.

Győr General Public Information

Pedestrian transport

The field of the WHB Győr Rally are expected to start on 10 September 2023 from 10 am, in order to prepare and deliver the rally event, traffic restrictions will be in force in the city centre of Győr from 7 am to 6 pm on 10 September 2023. The restrictions will affect pedestrian traffic, car traffic and public transport.

By walking, the Széchenyi István University campus will be accessed and exited via the crossing point at Egyetem tér.

The route of the path will include the sections of the Jedlik Ányos Bridge, Egyetem tér, Vásárhelyi Pál utca, Deák Ferenc Promenade, Hédervári út, Rónay Jácint utca, Kálóczy tér, Kossuth Bridge, Móricz Zsigmond alsórakpart (and its parking lot), Móricz Zsigmond rakpart and Új-Kapu utca, as indicated on the map. On the sections of the road affected by the track, pedestrian traffic is possible before 9 am and is expected to be possible after 16:30 pm. Vehicles arriving with distinctive signage will be able to enter the affected areas after the race has been safely stopped.

From Szövetség utca to Dunakapu tér, pedestrian traffic will be unobstructed on the side of Westy boat (even numbered doors) for the duration of the race. Pedestrian access to Tesco Express on Hédervári út is guaranteed. Pedestrian access to Kálóczy tér is possible from the Jedlik Bridge. Pedestrian access to the Püspökerdő is provided from the Aranypart II beach.

Emptying parking lots

Vehicle traffic is possible in the areas affected by the closures from 06:45 and 18:00 on 10 September 2023. The Organising Committee asks the public to remove parked cars from the affected areas by 06:30 on 10 September 2023 at the latest and to observe the information signs posted. From 07:00 onwards, vehicles left in the area will be removed and the removed cars will be stored in the car park in front of the University training centre (P5).

The ETO Park Experience Centre is open without restrictions. After 12:00 on 6 September 2023, the parking lot will be emptied and the vehicles left there will be transferred to the parking lot of the Ice Hall. Parking will be restored in a reduced capacity after the WHB Győr Rally service park has been set up.

A change of traffic regime is expected in the area of the Városház tér between 8 and 10 September 2023. Increased traffic is expected during the weekend, we ask for the patience, understanding and increased attention of all road users.

Access to shops

Shops along the route of the track will be able to remain open without disruption, provided the area is accessible by walking. Shops affected by the closures will be accessible on foot until 9 am and after 6 pm on 10 September 2023.

Overview maps

WHB Győr Rally 2023 - szombati áttekintő térkép


The competitors complete the special stages in the following order:

SS1: Csesznek
SS2: Olaszfalu-Tés
SS3: Nagyveleg

SS4: Csesznek
SS5: Olaszfalu-Tés
SS6: Nagyveleg

Spectator areas: Tickets available on site for HUF 3.000


WHB Győr Rally 2023 - vasárnapi áttekintő térkép


The competitors complete the special stages in the following order:

SS7: Tényő-Ravazd
SS8: Rábaring
SS9: Győr City Stage

SS10: Tényő-Ravazd
SS11: Rábaring Power Stage

Spectator areas: Tickets available on site for HUF 3.000 except the Győr City Stage which is free of charge.